Andrew Turner re-adopted as Conservative election candidate

By Ross Findon

Saturday, January 11, 2014



MP Andrew Turner has been re-adopted as the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Wight for the next general election.

The decision followed a meeting of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association executive tonight (Friday).

All voting members of the executive attended, however a breakdown of the vote has not been given, due to Conservative Association rules.

Following the meeting, Isle of Wight Conservative Association branch chairman Alan Wells congratulated Mr Turner.

The election is due to take place on May 7, 2015.

*Mr Wells initially told the CP Mr Turner indicated he would stand in that election, but that would be his last term in office. However, Mr Wells later qualified this, saying Mr Turner would make a final decision during the next parliament.


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by phil jordan

13th January 2014, at 21:02:21

Hey dude,

It's getting circular: You had the answer.

Your question: (cut & pasted)
"What I want to know is not Davey B's salary but what the total cost of his post is now and what it was before he went PAYE."

Pre PAYE was £116,000. New salary £111,000 (total cost).

This was given to you a while back.

[by phil jordan9th January 2014, at 08:25:49@Jack Woodford:

The pre PAYE rate for our MD was in the order of £116,000 pa.
The new rate under PAYE and to be approved in due course is under £100,000]

I'm done with the interrogation fella......

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by Jack Woodford

13th January 2014, at 13:26:23

With equal respect dude, you haven't answered either question.
I asked whether - when all relevant costs were taken into consideration - whether it was cheaper to employ Burby as PAYE or as a consultant. I don't need to know his salary - it was in the original CP story!
Identifying how much it has cost to employ your managing director is not exactly the Riddle of the Sphinx is it?
Please can I have my answers, fella. I thought transparency was one of your things.

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by roger mazillius

13th January 2014, at 10:31:17

Alan. I don't think so!
Mind you jolly young retired hacks and Island Monkey enthusiasts doubling as Funeral Directors might well scent a good bit of business if this thread continues. It's an ill wind...!

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by alan naylor

13th January 2014, at 02:59:54

DearMr Myou are quite right about the council leadership dates however my point was and it must be common island knoledge that on a Saturday night one wil lfind all the Independents lLberals and lib Dems in the Shanlin Consevative Club serving on the conservative club commitee that forms the islands consevative leader I think the American Indian had a name for it they called it BILLY TWO HATS if it was not so sad for the island people it would be a joke

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by phil jordan

12th January 2014, at 23:32:45

@Jack Woodford.

With respect, I answered your questions insofar as I was able. I gave you the salary info you asked for and I have not received the civic costs to date. So, one question outstanding.

There is no candidate chosen as yet.

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by Jack Woodford

12th January 2014, at 23:02:49

@Phil Jordan.
I know answering questions is not a strong point of yours but can I ask another, fella?
Have you chosen a candidate yet and if so, who is he or she?
PS - don't forget the other two outstanding questions and please keep the Stubbster away from the keyboard until he learns to disguise his ire. Cheers, dude.

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by roger mazillius

12th January 2014, at 19:50:31

Alan, not sure I really understand all your post.
I can however tell you that the Conservative administration at County Hall has not been in power for 20 years. The last one was in power 2005-2013. The Liberals/Lib Dems were in power from 1981 to 2001, so perhaps you were thinking of them!

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by roger mazillius

12th January 2014, at 19:44:44

JR, ALL Administrations need discipline otherwise they will find they are unable to deliver their policies
The Independents will as much, possibly even more, than a political group of similar minds, need that group discipline, without which they will be just another group of anarchists shouting a lot but delivering nothing!
Phil, good luck in your quest because this is as good a chance as you are going to get!
And for all candidates it will be a real test of physical and mental endurance. I recall Steve Ross fighting to defend his majority from Dudley Fishburn in 1979 when Steve knew that he faced a formidable likeable youthful opponent and seeing him on election day, I was shocked by the greyness of his face and his obvious exhaustion after such a close campaign. He actually won in the end by 340 or so votes and I personally don't think he ever recovered fully from that ordeal.
Mind you, the money's good!

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by alan naylor

12th January 2014, at 18:57:32

It seems we are at last off the same opinin Mr Mazilllas on the proberble out come of the election and the losing of a conservative leader after so many years The real news is not that the man jumped off the bridge but why he jumped of the bridge and after 20 years of conservative and council leadership 95% of the people living on the island know where they stand today with their standard of living

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by phil jordan

12th January 2014, at 17:58:24

rather misses the point Don.

Asked if the Independents are fielding a candidate I simply replied we were. That is, if you had read further, perhaps, the Association of Island Independents... that in no way suggests a standing Councillor... nor rules it out.
How that candidate will fare is anyones guess at the moment. I'm pretty sure they will have the vision and commitment to represent the entire Island. Who knows how many votes they will get or if they will be elected. One thing is sure, we have an Association of Island Independents that will work for and support the candidate.

So, no 'larf' mate. In fact, it's a serious business.

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