Councillors agree controversial parking changes

By Richard Wright

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Councillors agree controversial parking changes

Isle of Wight Council executive member Cllr Jon Gilbey. Picture by Peter Boam.

FREE parking is to end at council car parks — despite widespread objections.

But, while deciding to re-introduce charges at Appley and Puckpool car parks at Ryde and make them at some other previously free parks, the Isle of Wight Council executive decided against extending charging from 6pm to 8pm.

The proposal which had generated most opposition of all during the authority’s consultation.

Councillors decided on introducing changes and increasing tariffs as soon as practically possible, but, in the case of Moa Place at Freshwater that hinges on consultation with Freshwater Parish Council, which owns it and leases it to the Isle of Wight Council.

The parish council has threatened to terminate the lease if the authority went ahead.

Free parking will go at The Heights, Sandown, and Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, after further consultation with users.

It will also end at Carisbrooke, Wootton, Seaview and Totland although the first hour will still be free.

Free afternoon parking concessions in some towns will end and introduction of on-street charges will be brought forward a month to include March.

There will also be wide-ranging increases in tariffs which have remained unchanged since 2008-9.

Short stays of up to an hour will rise by 30p, one to two hours by 40p, two to three hours by 50p but long stay fees remain largely unchanged.

On-street 30 minute stays rise from 90p to £1 with increases of 10p and 20p on other tariffs.

The rises were agreed despite opposition from councillors in affected and despite the council’s scrutiny committee recommending a comprehensive strategy.

Deputy leader Steve Stubbings said none of the charging introductions were "set in stone" and executive member with responsibility for parking, Cllr Jon Gilbey, said they would iron-out anomalies.

View the increased tariffs below:

Duration of Stay Current Tariff Proposed Tariff
Car Park Tariffs
Short Stay Car Parks - up to 30mins £0.60 £0.90
Short Stay Car Parks - 30 mins – 60 mins £1.00 £1.30
Short Stay Car Parks – 1 – 2 hours £2.00 £2.40
Short Stay Car Parks – 2 - 3 hours £2.90 £3.40
Short Stay Car Parks – 3 – 4 hours £3.80 scrapped
Short Stay Car Parks – 4 - 5 hours £4.60 scrapped
Long Stay Car Parks – up to 30 mins £0.60 scrapped
Long Stay Car Parks - 30 mins – 60 mins £1.00 £1.00
Long Stay Car Parks – 1 – 2 hours £1.90 £2.00
Long Stay Car Parks – 2 - 4 hours £3.40 £3.40
Long Stay Car Parks – 4 - 6 hours £4.50 £4.50
Long Stay Car Parks – 6 - 24 hours £6.60 £6.60
Coach P&D Ticket, upto 10 hours £3.00 £3.00
Coach P&D Ticket, 10 to 14 hours £10.00 £10.00
Coach P&D Ticket, upto 24 hours £13.00 £13.00
On-street tariffs
On Street (Short Stay) - up to 30 mins £0.90 £1.00
On Street (Short Stay) - 30 mins - 60 mins £1.30 £1.50
On Street (Short Stay) – 1 - 2 hours £2.30 £2.50
On Street (Long Stay) - up to 30mins £0.60 £0.70
On Street (Long Stay) - 30 mins – 60 mins £1.00 £1.10
On Street (Long Stay) – 1 – 2 hours £1.90 £2.20
On Street (Long Stay) – 2 - 4 hours £3.40 £3.50
On Street (Long Stay) – 4 – 6 hours £4.50 £4.50
On Street (Long Stay) – 6 – 24 hours £6.60 £6.60



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by David Blackford

10th July 2014, at 15:27:55

PPS - and the whole point of my earlier posting was - not paying to park in town car parks - that was all.

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by David Blackford

10th July 2014, at 15:26:26

PS - My son has MS and I know what you mean MIke but like I say - my heart goes out to truly disabled people

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by David Blackford

10th July 2014, at 15:22:48

Tony I have utmost sympathy and understanding with truly disabled people - I just find it most annoying that there are so many blue badge brigade who are plainly just slightly disabled. I have osteoarthritis but I would never dream of trying to get a blue bade unless it got so bad that I had to use a wheelchair or zimmer thing. - And by then I probably would not drive a car for reasons of safety

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by Mike Powell

9th July 2014, at 22:41:29

I have to agree with Tony White and Philip Bell, my Son as M/S and some weeks you would not know he had any major problem except he drags one leg slightly, another week he can not walk a few feet without walking sticks and quite often falls, and a blue badge is vital.

I see lots of people in parking bays like Tesco who do not have a badge at all and totally abuse the system.

Mr Blackwood should hang is head in shame picking on people who already have major difficulties in life.

And to get a blue badge is not at all easy.

Log-in to Report

by Philip Bell

9th July 2014, at 19:38:17

I was given a blue badge when I was diagnosed with the terminal Motor Neurone Disease. The rules are quite strict with it's use. If I travel in my wife's car, she is perfectly well and if I am with her then the badge can be used to help me. If she is on her own she cannot use the blue badge and doesn't. Some people do abuse the use of blue badges but why abuse genuinely disabled people Blackwood. I can currently walk but am at high risk of collapse if I walk far. In terms of payment, if I had to pay I would be imprisoned in my home which is also psychologically depressing. Most applicants for Blue Badges have to undergo tests to verify their state, there are a few exceptions where the risk is established. To stop parking abuse authorities should just ask to see the blue badge as on the back it has the photo of the disabled person. If the person is not present then fines can be made.

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by david wright

9th July 2014, at 18:17:42

May i say huraah for Freshwater Parish council trying to block this move at Moa Place car park and those are words i thought I'd never say.

The 30 minute free parking is a saving grace when you only want to pop in to the doctors to collect a prescription or buy a paper why would you pay 90p to do that? If you want to park for longer that 1/2 an hour fair enough.

Interesting the Council are dumping services on the Parish council like conkers in Autumn to save expenditure AND because Parish precept isnt capped but they havent offered Parish Councils the car parks to run have they???

The Council will never learn because they are not businessmen that if you spend more than you take you go bust. They really totally on their legal powers to demand more money from the tax payer instead of cutting their suit from the available cloth!!!

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by tony white

9th July 2014, at 18:03:49

You really do hate disabled people don't you blackford, has it never crossed your mind that as in all things there are abusers but all disabled people wish they could have full mobility without pain finally just to point out some disabilities are not obvious to the untrained but are seriously debilitating to the person, many of the abusers of the Tesco disabled parking bays are fit drivers who do not care where they park or who they inconvenience

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by Mike Crowe

9th July 2014, at 14:30:02

I served my National Service too, but don't act like the Krays, so why compare?

And yes I say bring back National Service too.


Log-in to Report

by David Blackford

9th July 2014, at 11:33:06

The word "Vanity" come to mind

Log-in to Report

by Richard Marlow

9th July 2014, at 11:31:18

The short stay car park (up to 30mins) tarrif - probably the most popular - is rising from 60p to 90p. A "tad" more than inflation rate. Works out at 50% increase. I thought the inflation rate now is about 2.5%

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