Crisis as Isle of Wight kitten problem multiplies

By Matthew McKew

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Crisis as Isle of Wight kitten problem multiplies

Homeless Winston at the RSPCA’s Isle of Wight centre in Godshill. Picture by Robin Crossley.

A KITTEN crisis has developed following unregulated internet sales and a failure by owners to neuter their pets, Isle of Wight animal charities have claimed.

The Isle of Wight branch of the RSPCA is having to deal with a huge number of pregnant cats. During 2013, the charity re-homed 224 cats and still has between 40 and 50 at its Bohemia Corner centre in Godshill.

RSPCA acting manager Sally Richardson said: "People see free kittens on the internet and do not realise the costs.

"We had one cat recently that had only just had kittens and was back in again. We encourage people to have cats neutered and we include that in our homing fee."

Mark Buggie, inspector at the RSPCA, said: "The use of social media to sell or give away pets is not regulated. People were keeping cats and selling them to supplement their incomes but the bottom has fallen out of the market and they are just kicking them out.

"We have given out so many vouchers for neuters and spays, but some people just cannot be bothered and don’t seem to think it is their problem."

Cats Protection re-homed 408 cats and kittens over the last year.

Helen Sinclair, who was recently awarded an MBE for her work with Friends of the Animals, said: "In five years one cat has the potential to develop into 11,800 cats. Each kitten can start breeding after four or five months and have around three litters a year."

She blames website sales, relationship breakdowns and Christmas being used as an excuse not to spend on vet bills.

Friends of the Animals carried out 177 spays and 155 neuters in 2013.

Helen believes there are no excuses not to have it done, with so much help available.



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by Graeme Egerton

17th January 2014, at 02:08:36

I've rehomed two cats from the RSPCA but they are their own worst enemy. They refused my friend a cat because she "lives on a busy road" (the cat she got from down the road as a kitten turns twelve this year). They also told me I couldn't have a Siamese cat as they are "special and need lots of looking after" and never had the common courtesy to reply when I volunteered to walk their dogs. I never bother with them anymore.

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by Colin Barton

16th January 2014, at 20:49:12

jezza, surely you would get arrested running down the street weeing all over the cats?

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by Colin Barton

16th January 2014, at 20:44:03

I have two sonic scarers in my garden and a hose pipe!
Anyway if next doors cat ****s in your garden throw it back and the cat!

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by jezza graham

16th January 2014, at 18:14:33

cats don't know they're burying their poo in a garden. It's all soil to them.
Dog owners do know a poo doesn't rot into the ground if it's put in a plastic bag and thrown into the bushes.
Don't blame the animals. It's humans at fault.
And one way of stopping a cat is to use human wee.

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by Paul Strauss

16th January 2014, at 16:08:04

Mr Teller I couldn't care less whether Schrodinger's cat is alive or dead. If it defecates in my garden I'll throw a stone or water at it. The neighbourhood has never been the same since the ruddy Schrodingers moved in - always letting their animals run free and throwing all their furniture on the front lawn and tinkering with clapped out motorbikes until all hours.

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by Paul Strauss

16th January 2014, at 15:33:23

I agree with Ms Rogers. Cats are vile animals and the bane of honest pet-hating people's lives. Its about time cat owners took responsibility. It is the owners that should buy sonic scarers for their neighbours. Until then, it's stones and water.

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by Helen Rogers

16th January 2014, at 13:31:57

Well Lee, how lucky your neighbours are that your cats use your garden as their toilet. Our neighbours cats do NOT use their own garden - I have watched them many a time creep over the fence to deposit in ours - even in the middle of the lawn! If I catch them - they get water or stones thrown to 'shoo' them off. Dog owners have to be responsible - see no reason why cats are exempt.

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by Paul Strauss

16th January 2014, at 11:46:52

From kittens to mittens.

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by Terry Dalley

16th January 2014, at 06:07:10

They make very warm gloves .

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by Mike Crowe

15th January 2014, at 22:09:22

Sorry Steve, don't get you. Where have I said that I am not happy with what nature has provided us with ??????

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