Esca-peas spotted in gardens

By Ross Findon

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Esca-peas spotted in gardens

The three escaped Robin Hill peahens spotted in the garden of one Isle of Wight County Press reader.

A TRIO of peahens has been causing a stir in one Isle of Wight village, after escaping from Robin Hill Country Park.

The park rescued the birds earlier this year and has been working to settle them with their existing muster of peacocks.

But the three latest arrivals are still getting used to their new surroundings and have flown the coop on occasion, heading to Wootton, where they have become a familiar sight in gardens.

A team from Robin Hill has been regularly dispatched to collect the birds and bring them back to the attraction.

"What has been nice for us has been the way the community has been very sympathetic to our efforts to settle them in at the park and they have been contacting us to let us know when they spot them in the garden," said a spokeswoman.



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by Graeme Egerton

23rd May 2014, at 08:02:35

James, I'm pretty observant on the whole. I managed to find all the attractions at places like Seaview W.E., Amazon World and even Blackgang but Robin Hill didn't seem to have very much at all going on when we went. Even the toboggan was extra if memory serves. There are good comments about the place on Trip Advisor and good on them but others have opined like myself that it's a pricey walk round some woods. Equidistant from my house going the other way is Parkhurst Forest which is free, so I shall use it and similar tree based attractions for my walking in woodlands experiences.

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by James McAdder

22nd May 2014, at 13:00:12

Graeme Egerton:

Stuff to do at Robin Hill? Depends on your age, I guess, but most of this has been around at least 10 years:

Swing boat, Time Machine, Toboggan, Train, slides and various other kiddie rides.

Other attractions:
Maze, Village, Fish and bird feeding,woodland walk with various play areas, viewing tower, rabbit warren, Roman villa and museum, squirrel tower, falconry displays.

Did you walk around with your eyes closed?

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by Grahame salter

22nd May 2014, at 11:17:59

All you have to do to stop birds flying away is clip the flight feathers on one wing,it doesn't harm the the birds and it solves the problem of them escaping.

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by Graeme Egerton

22nd May 2014, at 07:53:55

Hi George, we went about nine years ago and I felt like we'd paid quite a lot of money just to walk round some fields and woodland. At least Blackgang had stuff to do, we used to go there loads! Did we miss the bit where there's stuff to do, am I being unfair? I'm happy to try it again, God Knows we've been everywhere on the Island at least five times each, some loads more!

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by matthew eldridge

21st May 2014, at 10:51:05

a bit of trivial news makes a change from a depressing news article

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by Graeme Egerton

21st May 2014, at 07:41:02

To be fair, I've been to Robin Hill and I don't want to go back again either. Hopefully no one will turn up in my garden to try and tempt me back there.

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by Marilyn Legg

20th May 2014, at 22:36:10

I was about to have a shower last week and looked out of the bathroom window only to see two of them looking back at me from the roof of my new extension. I got dressed & went out to find two men from Robin Hill trying to coax them down with food. They were having none of it! When one of the men used our ladder to get onto the roof the birds flew off onto the scaffolding on our neighbour's house, joining the third escapee who was already there! They then went between there and our house again via our garage roof. It was hilarious! I gave up trying to help & went back indoors. When I next looked out there was no sign of the men or the peahens so I have no idea if they caught them or not :)

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by Yvonne Carter

20th May 2014, at 18:36:21

I like "news" like this! Makes a refreshing change.

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