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By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, January 31, 2012



The new refuse disposal arrangements for the Island have caused a lot of comment this week.

County Press columnist Keith Newbery has his take on the subject in this Friday's paper and we want you to tell us exactly what your think of how the new arrangements are being handled and what issues you have already found.

Post a comment here to get the debate started.


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by lucy grist

9th February 2012, at 03:19:13

Thankyou isle of wight council for my second bin. I already own one wheelie bin and I will simply be using the new bin as further storage for my black bags awaiting their fortnightly collection. Recycling my rubbish is not worth the time and effort, I might aswell throw an ice cube at a polar bear, rub my hands together gleefully and feel I have done my bit. That's how pointless it all is when countries as large as india and america make little efforts to recycle and continue to pollute at such high levels. The Isle of Wight doing recycling is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Now, if IW council wanted to reduce my council tax for doing them a favour, there's a different story!

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by Sarah Smith

4th February 2012, at 07:42:15

Is it legal for a council to implement such a scheme without first consulting residents? This clumsy scheme is going to affect every household, every day. Ignorance, arrogance, poor planning, and a fundamental lack of skill or concern for what council tax payers want.

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by Paul Pelosi

3rd February 2012, at 14:00:17

Barry Lewis - "How lazy must you be to not want to do that?" This is an impertinence, sir.

The material issue here is that a system has been imposed upon us, a system we do not want. Service derives from bottom-up demand and not from top-down imposition. We are, after all, the very taxpayers who fund that service. We are therfore entitled to the service we want given always that we elect to pay for that service - which I do.

No one among my acquaintance wants these abominable wheelie bins cluttering up their often small driveways or otherwise decorating their house frontages. Already I see them apparently permanently stationed by gateways and abundantly visible along numerous streets and roadways. This place is turning into a visible slum.

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by Kate mha

3rd February 2012, at 06:02:17

Thought this article might be of interest

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by Terry Dalley

2nd February 2012, at 19:14:45

I see the rot has started all ready ,this is a very expensive scheme that most people think is just RUBBISH excuse the pun .
The longer it is in operation the more it will cost and the more the Island will look like a rubbish dump .It will solve nothing but upset many.

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by Philip Yates

2nd February 2012, at 19:09:19

Still no food waste bins or the bags..... Who has got mine i wonder. all the neighbours have theirs, not so according to the council.
Area of outstanding natural beauty... no to wind turbines.... but dont even argue against the wheelie bins now littering everyones properties, without choice.

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by Keith Haywood

2nd February 2012, at 10:10:24

we used to recycle with the black box anyway so were glad to have wheelie bins. It means we can recycle lots more items than before. Our bin arrived promptly with caddies no problem 2 weeks ago. Started using it after our "last" old collection. Checked everything out properly and even asked advice from council regarding some items of what can/cant be recycled. Was disappoiinted then to find our wheelie bin was NOT emptied yesterday. it is full to the brim. Our neighbours bins were empited. No explanation or letter as to why it was not emptied either. So what do we do now?? 1 full wheelie bin and another 2 weeks to wait? it has been reported as missed collection to IW Council . I want to know why ours was rejected so if we have made a mistake we wont do it again. is it the binmans opinion or will it now get checked?

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by Barry Lewis

2nd February 2012, at 09:04:10

Paul Pelosi - how can recycling and 'saving the planet' be a swindle? Not everyone has the time or the means to take their recycling to recycling points, and many others can't be bothered, and that's one of the reasons the government has had to 'force' it on people.

It's such an easy concept - majority of waste into the green recycling bin, food waste into the small kitchen caddy, the rest (barely anything really) into a black bag. How lazy must you be to not want to do that?

There is clearly an issue with communication from the council and delivery of the new kit, delivery dates, etc... and to that end I totally sympathise with those affected however we ALL need to get in board and make the effort to make it work. Let's not become an Island of moaners, we are better than that.

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by Paul Pelosi

1st February 2012, at 23:01:45

We've had a simple and regular bin collection service replaced by an eleborate and costly Euro-system because landfill tax - imposed by our so-called democratic government - is set at a level so as to make the recycling arrangements look economic and thus appear to save money. The whole thing is a swindle.

The council don't execute the will of the electorate. I don't recall hearing of marches and demonstrations - certainly I never participated in any such thing - demanding the council clutter up our driveways and frontages with these grotesque bins. I don't recall any councillor mentioning on the doorstep that I if I voted x I would receive a suite of large plastic bins with which to decorate my house frontage, nor that I would spend my valuable time sorting rubbish. I move that the system be abandoned at once and the taxpayer receive the service the taxpayer wants from this so-called democratic council - the collection arrangement that has served us well enough for decades. What o

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by Hugh Dinsdale

1st February 2012, at 20:49:26

My apologies to Southern Water, not a huge 8.4 percent rise, purely 8.2 percent!

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