Holiday camp plan rejected

By Martin Neville

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Holiday camp plan rejected

The derelict Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp. Picture by Jennifer Burton.

CONTROVERSIAL plans to breathe new life into a 1950s holiday camp were rejected by planners yesterday (Tuesday).

Sandy Lane Resort Ltd wanted to transform Atherfield Bay Holiday Camp, off Military Road, into a flagship holiday park with 95 holiday lodges, together with a new clubhouse, restaurant and two new swimming pools.

The scheme, however, sparked fierce opposition from residents with more than 60 signing a protest petition, including every household within a mile of the site.

Their objections centred on the sheer size of the huge development, which incorporated greenfield land.

They were also against year-round occupancy — fearing the lodges could become permanent homes — and raised serious concerns about highway safety as well as light pollution diluting the West Wight’s renowned dark skies.

The Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee shared residents’ concerns and threw out the application against an officer recommendation on the grounds the size, scale and mass of the development would impact on the environment.

Local ward member, Cllr Bob Seely, had said: "I think it’s a housing estate by any other name."



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by Patrick Hall

23rd February 2014, at 16:27:13

@Chris F : You said you thought that when the original camp was built the same arguments were probably raised, but actually, NO.
In 1936 there was no Town & Country Planning and as long as developments complied with building regulations you could build more or less what you liked.
BUT in those days people didn't moan so much and the majority thought that the holiday camps being developed along the Military Road - Atherfield, Brighstone and Chilton Chine - were a good thing, bringing money and jobs to the Island. Many locals found employment there, farms supplied produce to the camps and the local coach firms did a roaring trade with 'Round the Island' tours and excursions. That's all gone now, of course, times have changed.
But despite the committee pouring cold water over it, I think it's a marvellous scheme, which could be very good indeed for the Island's economy. If they don't think about it again, this will be a missed opportunity to reinvigorate the Island's tourist trad

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by Keven Ball

23rd February 2014, at 12:36:34

I agree with you Alex.

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by Alex Beak

21st February 2014, at 17:22:57

Yet another horrendous decision. As one of the 'young folk' on the Island, I wonder how long it will be before it is realised development is needed in order to progress. The Isle of Wight will turn into a geriatric society with no prospects for young people nor tourism at this rate. At what point did we start deciding that a derelict holiday camp site is preferable to a thriving one? Yes, there will be light as a result, but that won't kill nearby residents. Yes, there will be more traffic, but shouldn't we look at improving our infrastructure rather than shunning new developments? Fears over the lodges becoming permanent homes? If this is a 'fear', then does that mean that a derelict building with no inhabitants is better? MADNESS! We all moan at how high the ferry prices are, how awful the roads are, how empty the High Streets look; why don't we have the common sense to allow development on derelict sites to help build our dwindling economy. We need serious change.

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by Colin Russell

20th February 2014, at 20:54:30

If it was virgin land i could see there point about not building on it.
But it already has the footprint of a holiday camp . !
I would like to sit in on the planning when they talk about new plans, i,ve never the blind leading the blind would be a first for me,
And to start whining about light pollution have they ever driven down a road with the new L E D lights, talk about dim.

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by andy mitchell

20th February 2014, at 19:59:27

Like the chalets over the road are appealing on the eye. I've worked there in the past and it really saddens me to see it now. So people in a one mile radius objected eh? So one of the previous owners even objected to it. Mmm ! So what would the people who live there actually want to see on the land, other than sheep?

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by J Newnham

20th February 2014, at 18:45:42

The site is big enough. No need to build on greenfield land. Either re-build the units (or go 'glamping') - or re-tart the original chalets and have a Hi-De-Hi holiday park. Don't laugh - there's a place in London that makes a mint serving stodgy school dinners! In fact, double the price and watch the Oxbridge crowd roll in. ;) This island is truly beautiful. Don't build on the pretty bits.

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by Keven Ball

20th February 2014, at 17:53:26

If locals do not help themselves and back/support investment then the future of the island will be very worrying. I feel that putting off investors is not the right move at all! Ask yourself what will become of the island if no-one invests in it???

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by jez beam

20th February 2014, at 16:27:47

research the developer, they build, sell & leave. Never was intended for holidays, just profit in the form of a village of wooden huts. No services, can't even get decent internet out here, no bus route, water pressure a joke, raw sewage into the sea to name a few. Locals wanted a holiday camp, not a shanty town ten times bigger than existing site.

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by Dave Coombs

20th February 2014, at 15:20:23 least it will save a few bob on the tv adverts, no point in advertising for tourism if potential holiday makers have nowhere to stay, or anywhere to go.

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by carl palmer

20th February 2014, at 14:29:22

another backward view, just like wight city

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