Independent candidate selected despite drive ban

By Ross Findon

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Independent candidate selected despite drive ban

Wendy Cook, who has been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate by the Association of Island Independents.

A BARRISTER, convicted of drink driving, has been chosen as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Association of Island Independents.

Chairman Peter Whiteman said the association had taken into account the recent drink-drive conviction of Wendy Cook when it made its decision to select her.

A spokesman said Ms Cook, who has lived on the Island since the early 1980s, had been involved in local politics for many years.

She is a practising barrister, director of the Isle of Wight Law Centre and a Calbourne Parish councillor.

Earlier this month she was banned for driving for 58 months after pleading guilty to two charges of drink driving.

Mr Whiteman said: "Wendy was the clear choice of the executive committee following our selection process and we look forward to supporting her in next year’s general election.

"We are quite sure that Wendy has the right experience and personal qualities to make a first class MP for the Isle of Wight.

"She believes passionately in her ability to improve the prospects of the Island and all its residents.

"We are also convinced that Wendy has the character to be a truly independent MP who will fight ceaselessly for what is best for all of us without party constraint.

"In reaching our decision we have taken into account her recent driving ban, about which she has been very open, and we do not feel this impairs her candidacy or her ability in any way to be an effective MP."

Ms Cook said she was delighted to have been backed by the association.

"My aim is no less than to transcend party politics and put the Island before all else in everything I do.

"We need a fresh approach to solving the Island’s problems and realising the many potential opportunities, which has to be based on effective involvement of everyone — agencies, businesses, interest groups, political parties and individuals; if it is to succeed.

"This presents a massive challenge of leadership and I feel I have the passion and the energy necessary to take it on successfully."



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by Dave Dawson

20th April 2014, at 18:33:26

@ Phil Jordan
I clearly will not be voting for the current independent administration again and that has nothing to so with the Independent Association selecting Ms Cook. It does however have everything to do with the hypocrisy of the administration their inability to deliver.

You all appear to suggest that Ms Cook is unsuitable when it has nothing to do with you. Why, because of her honesty? or is it entirely acceptable to first get elected then commit an offense i.e. Ed Balls or the very large number of Peers and MP's who are convicted of crimes against the person.

Just remember that when one puts ones self in the public arena one is open to public scrutiny and this is not limited to the likes of Ms Cook.

Should the independent Association decide to stick to their guns and I sincerely hope they do I would join up.

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by phil jordan

20th April 2014, at 17:00:38



That is, to some extent, my point!

I agree also with steve on the other point.....and yourself!

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by Grahame salter

20th April 2014, at 16:55:51

@ Cllr Jordon... you said "why is anyone surprised by this tactic"....I'm not surprised with it,you see it everyday on the TV..MP's are doing it all the time.

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by steve stubbings

20th April 2014, at 16:44:52


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by Grahame salter

20th April 2014, at 16:44:07

@ Cllr Stubbings... Thank you for your reply,maybe Wendy Cook should withdraw from standing herself,as it does look bad on the other Independents,we have a Independent Cllr in our ward,and he seems a nice bloke and does a good job,it would be a shame if they were all tarred with the same brush.

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by phil jordan

20th April 2014, at 16:40:18

Grahame salter;

..far more subtle than that.
This is about (that is, the [old] conservative councillors looking for division that can be exploited) the fact that the Conservative candidate was NOT supported by many, many conservative party members.
Trying to find divisions is an age old political tactic. Hence, we are reminded that the same people and party continually driving this agenda are also ( were also!) going through the same position with their own candidate.
There will be futile and continual attempts to associate our administration with the Association of Island Independents....whilst masking the disarray in the conservative party over their own selection. Why is anyone surprised about this tactic...?
The truth is, there is every chance an Independent candidate of some quality *could* attract the remaining votes tat UKIP leave behind. It is no secret that is the case and conservatives fear the worst....It's not about any relationship that doesn't exist.

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by steve stubbings

20th April 2014, at 16:29:21

No, I'm not trying to distract you. Sorry if that's what happened.
I'm sure Edward knows why I'm asking.

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by Grahame salter

20th April 2014, at 16:23:59

@ Cllr Stubbings...Why are you mentioning Andrew Turner?,are you trying to distract voters like me with no allegiance to any political party,that think it is morally wrong that someone who put peoples lives at risk drink driving could even think about standing for public office.

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by steve stubbings

20th April 2014, at 15:00:51

Both Cllr Jordan and I have said quite categorically that we do not endorse this candidate.
Didn't you submit the motion to Executive committee of 10 Jan NOT to adopt Andrew Turner?

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by Edward Giles

20th April 2014, at 14:18:08

Cllr Stubbings. Although it has nothing to do with this thread the answer to your question is yes. It is a pity that you and Cllr Jordan cannot answer in a similarly straightforward fashion.

So are you saying your preferred candidate applied but the association thought he or she was less well qualified for the position than Wendy Cook?

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