Labour announces election candidate

By Emily Pearce

Monday, March 3, 2014


THE Isle of Wight Labour Party has today (Monday) announced its 2015 general election candidate.

Ventnor town councillor Stewart Blackmore was overwhelmingly chosen by party members at selection meetings held in Newport and Sandown last week, according to party chair Deborah Gardiner.

She said: "I am delighted Stewart has been selected to be our candidate. He really understands Island issues such as the need for economic development, quality jobs to support the most vulnerable through decent services and how essential it is to offer young people a reason to stay here.

"He has already demonstrated how much he has to offer the community and I am confident he has the experience, commitment and vision to make an excellent Labour MP."

Mr Blackmore, a former hospitality lecturer who now manages Ventnor Golf Club, is chairman of Ventnor British Legion and vice president of Ventnor Rugby Football Club.

He will take on sitting Conservative MP Andrew Turner and UKIP candidate Iain McKie. No other candidates have yet thrown their names into the ring.

Mr Blackmore said: "I am very proud to have been chosen by my Labour Party colleagues and I look forward to campaigning over the next 15 months persuading Islanders to return an Isle of Wight Labour MP who will truly represent all Islanders' interests."

Mr Blackmore has lived on the Island for 28 years and is married to Margaret, a senior care worker. They have two grown up children, a son and a daughter.



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by James McAdder

6th March 2014, at 15:23:58

One thing to be worried about with Labour is their intention to bring back all of the "super snooper" powers that went part of the way to getting them the boot last time:-

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by Stewart Blackmore

6th March 2014, at 11:15:22

It's amusing how most of the comments are about UKIP. For the record, I didn't mention UKIP; the reporter mentioned it because Labour, UKIP and the Tories are the only ones to have confirmed their candidates.
Let me say that I am not scared of them and relish debating with Mr McKie during the campaign.

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by David Blackford

6th March 2014, at 07:57:37

Why are so many people SCARED of UKIP?

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by David Blackford

6th March 2014, at 07:56:28

Is that still a "Humble Opinion" James

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by James McAdder

5th March 2014, at 23:42:25

As you day, Scott. UKIP are only dangerous if they get any real power. The worry is that they convince enough people to get that power.

Essentially UKIP's election strategey is to pick 20 things that irritate the British people and say they will remove those irritations if elected, irrespective of whether that would actually be more damaging than good, or even possible.

Bottom line. You are a fool to vote UKIP as a protest vote. You could be the one fool too many who tips them into power.

Believe me, that would be BAD. You think Cameron is bad? You think Thatcher was bad? You think Blair or Brown were bad? That's nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the excrement this country and its people would land in if UKIP gained power.

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by Scott Angles

5th March 2014, at 17:50:40

I'm with James, mainly because I'm a sane human being, and not a moron. I'm hoping John has spoken to about 400,000 people if 7 were to vote for them. Hope, that is.

UKIP aren't dangerous, because to be dangerous you have to have some kind of power. If they get power, they become dangerous. Do not give these homophobic, xenophobic, backward politicians that power.

You thought the island was stuck in the past? A vote for UKIP would send us back to barbaric, monsterous Victorian times.

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by James McAdder

5th March 2014, at 17:09:40

If 7 out of 10 people vote for them in the General Election, the country is doomed. It cannot be emphasised enough how dangerous these people are. A vote for UKIP is a vote to put the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

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by James McAdder

5th March 2014, at 17:04:25

The article is about the 2015 General Election. UKIP are, IMHO, dangerous. And I don't mean to the other parties.

UKIP certainly can solve the immigration problem. If they ever gsin power anyone with any sense will emigrate. I know I will !!!

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by john hanson

5th March 2014, at 16:59:20

Well 7 out of people i have spoken to are voting for them

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by David Blackford

5th March 2014, at 16:52:30

James - this is for the EU elections not our National Government - the more UKIP members in the EU lot the better - and like I say a good showing for UKIP will make Cameron sit up and take notice of what the PEOPLE want

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