Mazda fans of Isle of Wight design

By David Newble

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Mazda fans of Isle of Wight design

The Adastra, designed by Isle of Wight father and son team Orion and John Shuttleworth.


AN AWARD-WINNING $15 million superyacht, dreamed up by an Isle of Wight-based marine designer and his father, is starring in an international advertising campaign for Japanese car giant, Mazda.

Orion Shuttleworth, from Gurnard, and his father, John’s, 42.5-metre trimaran, Adastra, has a starring role in Mazda’s European-wide promotion of its vehicles.

Adastra is featured in the campaign along with ground-breaking high-jumper, Dick Fosbury, the inventor of the Fosbury flop, who scooped a gold medal in the 1972 Munich Olympics with his innovative leap.

Orion said: "They were looking for companies and people who had changed the game within their industries. There are parallels between their approach to design and ours, particularly with regards to weight.

"At the moment, the advert is being shown in Europe but there is the potential for it to go worldwide. We were delighted to be considered for it."

Last year, Orion and John, who work in Sussex, won three Showboats design awards, named after leading American magazine, Showboats, which writes about the superyacht market.

The father and son team won the Newcomer of the Year and Naval Architecture of the Year awards, and had a judge’s commendation for their exterior design and styling.

They received their awards at a glamorous prizegiving ceremony at the Monaco Opera House.

As previously reported, Adastra has been built for long-range ocean voyaging and is thought to be the most fuel efficient motor-powered superyacht in the world.

The huge trimaran has a maximum speed of 22.5 knots and is powered by a giant Caterpillar engine producing 1,150 horsepower.

The luxurious interior, which can house nine passengers and up to six crew, is made out of lightweight oak. The superstructure of the yacht is built of lightweight carbon fibre. It is owned by a wealthy Hong Kong family and was built in China.



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by R Dixon

13th January 2014, at 15:26:55

Surely Adastra is on the local news because it was designed locally... That is precisely what the story is about; a locally designed product being a globally recognized success story.

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by Graham John Vine

13th January 2014, at 07:27:46

If Adastra's NOT in UK waters, why are all these dipsticks cluttering up your pages with some squabble about who pays for the RNLI ? I don't expect Adastra will be calling on them any time soon !

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

12th January 2014, at 21:33:48

Yes Steve, but not quite "one day", a little longer than that. I did do a talk to people on a Business Course at the College as to how the 'outside' business world can bring companies down and affect your own. It was the recession which brought my customers down, one going to the wall, one consolidating their business within their mainland premises because they too were being hit by the recession, others cutting back on orders.

But you wouldn't understand that would you? Safe and secure in employment and not caring what your bosses do, as long as your pay is there at the end of the week?

Log-in to Report

by Steve Smith

12th January 2014, at 21:22:59

who is splitting hairs? One day running an award winning company the next signing on the dole. Sounds like a very successful businessman.

@Lee as a taxpayer you have never paid for the RNLI and as they are a charity nobody is forced to donate

As neither of you have nothing further to add beside more trolling, I'll leave you both to it.

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

12th January 2014, at 16:37:51

**** is P r i c k

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

12th January 2014, at 16:33:41

Just for the record Steve, I hate to **** your bubble, but I didn't fail in business, in fact when I ceased trading, I was one of the 12 companies on the Island given an award by the Isle of Wight County Council and Enterprise Agency, but don't dig back to the relevant years of 1985/6 for proof, you will get egg on your face :-)

And on the Tax Man's Money or Personal Money, you are splitting hairs. Rather like the definition of "ownership" of rainwater. Care to get egg on your face on that one too?

Happy New Year.

Log-in to Report

by Steve Smith

12th January 2014, at 15:53:22

Nice to see Mike sticking up for his mate Lee, but it is easy to see why he failed in business. He doesn't know the difference between the Tax man's money and somebody's personal money. Any money returned via "Gift Aid" is money that should not have been taxed in the first place. Therefore it does not come from the Tax Man but the donor

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

12th January 2014, at 14:10:27

If I 'Gift Aid' my donation, then the RNLI get the tax back that I have paid on my earnings. So the RNLI DO get money from the Tax Man

Log-in to Report

by sue allen

12th January 2014, at 13:02:21

Surely most donations are from taxed money anyway!

Log-in to Report

by Steve Smith

12th January 2014, at 10:56:19

Mr Majors
"B, I am saying that boat owners should pay for the RNLI, not the tax payer"

That sounds to me like you ARE saying they receive money from the taxpayer!

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