Policing warning from commissioner

By Ross Findon

Friday, January 10, 2014



A DRASTIC warning about the future of policing has been issued by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner — "There will come a time when reduced policing in our communities will reach dangerous levels."

Simon Hayes made the warning as he announced a proposal to raise the police council tax precept by 3 per cent, partly to address cuts in government funding.

It would be the equivalent of an additional £4.54 a year, or 9p a week, for Band D properties, bringing the total to £155.79 per year

He said: "These are very, very difficult times for policing in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It would be wrong of me not to tell the public the truth about the impact of government cuts.

"Our police service has been praised by government as a well performing and well run service, yet ministers are again cutting the money for policing in our communities. This time by £25m, which equates to approximately 555 police officers.

"It is getting more difficult to keep up the level of neighbourhood policing people want and, quite frankly, should expect. There will come a time when reduced policing in our communities will reach dangerous levels.

"We are not there yet, but my message to the Home Secretary, MPs and the Prime Minister is, you are risking public safety and offering the upper hand to criminals if you continue with your policy of undermining the good policing that is going on across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight."

He has appealed for residents to have their say on the proposed rise, by taking part in an online survey.

"I believe that we must maintain a safe level of neighbourhood policing, including PCSOs on our streets, and this is why I am left with no option but to propose a precept increase. But I want to hear the public's view on this. Our short online survey is an easy and

simple way to let me know whether you agree with this proposal or not," he said.

The survey is available through the Commissioner’s website www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk and Twitter account and Facebook page, and will be sent out to as many stakeholders as possible.

It will close on January 22 and the results considered by the Police and Crime Panel, which will be debate the proposal on January 24.

*Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter said: "The cuts to the policing budget have been disproportionate compared to other areas of the public sector.

"We have reached a tipping point where it is now difficult to sustain policing to an acceptable level.

"We have already changed the way we work, closed police stations and reduced the number of police officers and police staff by significant amount, these have been decisions which a few years ago would have been unthinkable.

"The public deserve the best possible police service, and this proposed increase is a lifeline which will assist us to keep hold of some of those essential areas of policing which people take for granted. I would therefore urge the public to support the PCC's plan."

Reporter: ross.findon@iwcp.co.uk


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by alan naylor

11th January 2014, at 00:31:15

Dear Mr Powell I Ithank you for your puplic service I perssume times were quite different then today with the drugs and the leneint drinking laws and dare i say it the influx of imigrant s of different culture and principles the police have a thankless job They are ordinary working family men with childen wiating for them to come home from unordinary and somtimes dangurous work the people should stand by them as they stand by you and your love ones when needed support them there on your side

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by david wright

10th January 2014, at 17:34:45

The negative posts on here about front line Police activity are uncalled for.

The waste of money and recent waste of money at that is the Crime Commissioner. An unnecessary level of management a massive waste of money on elections. No one wanted or asked for another tier of management for the Police and yet it was imposed upon them and us. The election turn out showed the disinterest the electorate had for the whole concept.

It is SO ironic we now have the Hampshire Commissioner bleating about lack of funds when his budget is I believe £7 million pounds, money taken from an already stressed Police buget. WHY?????

Are top ranking Police officers really so bad they need someone looking over their shoulder? Are Police senior management so poor that they need a civilian to tell them how to Police?

If the new Police Commissioners have any conscience they should resign on mass nationally so that the money wasted on them could be reinvested where it is needed, fighting crime

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by Mike Powell

10th January 2014, at 17:29:33

Yes I forgot all the motorways on the Island how stupid am I, and of course some work nights on a shift system. And what does a special and firefighter have to do with any comments.

Yes I can see where ridiculous comes into it but you will get over it.

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by Colin Russell

10th January 2014, at 16:42:01

I would not call them luxury cars,, not after they have been fitted out with all there gear,, fast cars yes i just can not see a transit or focus bombing down the motorway in pursuit,

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by James McAdder

10th January 2014, at 15:43:23


Considering you were both a special and a firefighter, your comments now seem even more rediculous "luxury cars", "some do work nights", etc.

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by geoffrey clynch

10th January 2014, at 15:38:59

and yet the Quisling Traitor government are still giving Billions to foreigners in aid, and wasted un-accounted billions to the marxist EU

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by Orson Williams

10th January 2014, at 12:49:52

England swings like a pendulum do bobbies on bicycles two by two
Westminster Abbey the Tower of Big Ben the rosy red cheeks of the little children.................The pot is empty, We're broke!

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by Mike Powell

10th January 2014, at 12:45:17

James what ever before you get on your high horse, I was a special constable for over 14 years before retiring so before you bore me to death try talking about something you don't know about, and long term sick I stand by that.

But like the majority you just spout about something you know nothing about, I have seen it first handed over all those years.

I was in the fire brigade for 32 years now there the stories are quite harrowing but you don't hear me crying and bleating about that.

Everyone knows someone don't they????.

Get a life and try to live in the real world.

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by James McAdder

10th January 2014, at 12:27:58

tales about the duties they have had to perform.

Rather than yapping at those that do this difficult job from the comfort of your armchair, why don't you sign up to become a special constable?

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by James McAdder

10th January 2014, at 12:25:37

Mike Powell:-
You said:-
"Yes some do work nights"
No, all except very senior officers, work nights on a rota.

"some do work weekends"
Ditto the above (or do you expect a Police officer to work 7 days a week?)

"for every one policemen there are two support staff"
Quite likely, or would you prefer the policeman spent even more time doing paperwork?

"why do they need to spend a fortune on high powered luxury cars"
I would have thought that the need for powerful vehicles was blindingly obvious, as for "luxury", the cost of the police equipment in an area or traffic car far exceeds the cost of any "luxury" accoutrements. The only "cars of this type are those that NEED the performance. Otherwise the police use bog-standard Ford Focus class vehicles and vans.

As to your comments on long-term sick, frankly, Mr Powell, your attitude disgusts me. A know several police officers and all have some very harrowing ta

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