Ryde Protest at parking charges

By David Newble

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Ryde Protest at parking charges

Walkers protest against proposed changes to Isle of Wight Council parking charges. Picture by Laura Holme.

HUNDREDS of protesters gathered at Appley Beach, Ryde today (Sunday) to show their anger at plans to introduce parking fees at Appley and Puckpool.

A large crowd including scores of dog walkers met at Appley Tower before walking along the seafront in a mass demonstration against controversial IW Council proposals which would scrap free parking at Appley and Puckpool car parks.

Protesters fear that axing free car parking at the popular car parks would cause nearby cafes to lose business and would deter tourists and locals from using Appley Park and the seafront.

They were joined at the protest by Ryde North East councillor, Wayne Whittle and Island MP, Andrew Turner, as well as Ryde East councillor, Roger Whitby-Smith.

Judith Culverwell of West Hill Road, Ryde, said charges would deter people from coming to the park and the seafront.

She said: "Everybody wants to enjoy Appley and that includes residents who live in Ryde and people who have businesses here. It is going to be quite costly to pay for the car park. People will not be able to afford to go into Ryde and use the shops. Residents need somewhere to park for a short time just to enjoy the area."

Bruce Yaxley of East Hill Road, Ryde, added: "People will be forced to park on the side roads which is a bad thing."

Joan Dyer of Puckpool Close, Ryde, said: "We are paying £300 a year for our beach hut and now they want us to pay between £6 and £7 a day to park our car to use the hut."

Janet Reed of Ashey Road, Ryde said: "I need a car to get here. I walk my dog here. I feel sorry for the holidaymakers. It is supposed to be a holiday Island."

Protest organiser, Kate Barton, said there had been a 'brilliant' turn out for the demonstration.

She said: "The proposed parking charges are excessive. They are just too much. Ordinary people can't afford to pay them."

For the full story, please see Friday's issue of the County Press.



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by David Blackford

27th May 2014, at 10:03:25

Mostly dog people who park at Apply - visitors park along the Esplanade. And Traceie - if you can afford to run a car you can afford to park it

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by sean gage

26th May 2014, at 19:13:15

Why not charge if it helps to keep Appley Beach and the adjacent park clean and in tip top condition? After all people pay to park close by at other Island beaches - why should Appley be any different?

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by James Ratcliff

26th May 2014, at 16:54:57

Tracie has the right idea. As mainlanders that holiday on the island at least a couple of times a year, myself and my fiancée used to buy island wide parking permits. Now we try and park where it's free or for short times only if we have to park somewhere where you pay. I like many others are happy to pay a reasonable fee but when parking fees become extortionate then I have no problem in opting not to pay the fees.

By continuously putting up parking prices you risk losing the repeat tourism to the island.

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by Steve Williams

26th May 2014, at 12:35:49

Remember the days when you could picnic on the grass between the Rowing Club and Puckpool without a dog bounding up towards you clearly not on a lea?.
With ever increasing burdens on council coffers, I for one support parking charges if it helps keep my £1500 council tax bill down.

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by Tracie oliver

26th May 2014, at 08:20:13

I am an ex Islander and used to love parking in these areas and enjoying the walk along the sea front to Puckpool park. I am astonished to see yet more charges being applied to those who can least afford it. The island has parking meters everywhere and I see them on the mainland as well but lets get one thing straight here! I can book a holiday abroad for less than it costs to get to the island and have a week there. Lets put that in prospective. Holiday makers do not wish to park in one spot and stay there all day they wish to tour the island so hey lets go to puckpool first then Sandown then shopping in Newport then lets finish the evening at a nice retuarant in cowes. o dear thats alot of money in parking charges in one day! get real councillors start giving the businesses and members of the public something back dont keep taking! youa re and have killed the island tourist trade for ever! you will before long end up like Margate and Claction!!

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by Colin Russell

26th May 2014, at 07:53:21

Mr Jordan how do you see it ?

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by Jack Woodford

25th May 2014, at 21:14:52

If 'hundreds' (ie 200 or more) turned up, then why doesn't the photo show that?
And the bandwagon-jumping ability of our MP knows no bounds. Hasn't he previously charged his Island parking permit to expenses - in other words, got me and you to meet his costs of parking on the Island?
Message to the reporter: it shouldn't be down to us punters to point this stuff out. I look forward to seeing the 'full' coverage on Friday

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by John Crowe

25th May 2014, at 21:05:20

Excellent, power to the people. Hopefully they'll pick up the bill for the car parks maintenance too. Personally

Log-in to Report

by David Blackford

25th May 2014, at 15:44:50

Dog ged determination - careful where you tread Mr T

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by John James

25th May 2014, at 14:11:09

Ah the irony of a Conservative MP turning up to protest about charges going up as a result of the mess a Conservative council left behind.

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