Support for turbine plan

By Jamie White

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Plans for a wind farm on the Isle of Wight have been backed by the majority of people responding to a public consultation.

A second consultation for the proposals for the five wind turbines, off Broad Lane, near Thorley, started last month. 

Of the 576 public reponses, 486, or 81 per cent, were in favour, while 108 were opposed.

The scheme was initially unveiled last year and has received more than 2,000 comments. Overall, 1,284 people were in favour, while 863 people opposed plans laid out by Infinergy.

A date is yet to be confirmed for the scheme to be put to the council’s planning committee.



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by Don Prescott

28th April 2012, at 09:43:52

station standing by to ensure continuity of supply.

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by Don Prescott

28th April 2012, at 09:43:07

Then why do you not turn your attention to lobbying to build a turbine or two in Gurnard, instead of trying to impose your misguided views upon the residents of the West Wight?
I suspect the reason is that you, as with all the "I would love one in my back yard" brigade, know you would be slaughtered with objections and ostracised by your neighbours.
Mr. Woolcock is a government appointed Planning Inspector who deals with the carpetbaggers who wish to cover the entire country with winds farms to line their own pockets and offshore bank accounts and did a very good job sending CLP and their £10K a day legal team packing.
As for electricity pylons being a blight on the landscape, I would agree. However, they do carry power to you 24/7, which is more than the 27% average energy production (B.W.E.A., now called Renewables UK official figures, NOT mine) of wind turbines and when they don't work for 3 days in 4, guess what, we have to have a nuclear/gas/coal power station st

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by David Charlton

27th April 2012, at 12:46:21

@don prescott.. 1. I live in gurnard and would have no problem with a turbine or 2 there.
2. Are the electricity pylons not a blight on the landscape, they too make as much ''noise'' as the wind turbines, and are alot more of an eyesore.
John woolcock- what expertise does he actually have in the renewable energy field?

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by Matthew Hampshire

27th April 2012, at 10:31:03

Wind turbines are a great progressive statement of man's ability to harness a truely sustainable source of energy. All the examples that I've seen, far from being an eyesore, actually enhance the visual beauty of the natural landscape - and I have lived in close proximity to a wind farm. They're not the answer to all our energy needs, but at least they're step in the right direction.

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by Don Prescott

27th April 2012, at 08:53:02

@Mike Gable "I would be very surprised if any of the alleged people who were in favor lived within five miles of the proposed site".
Of course they don't live anywhere near.
If a proposal for 5 wind turbines was received by IOW Council, to be built on that parcel of land bounded by Baring Road, Woodvale Road and Tuttons Hill, the heartland of Ecowarriors, it would be very interesting to see how many Gurnard/Cowes residents would write letters of support.
It's the old, old story of them calling everyone who objects to these wind farms, NIMBYs, but in reality it is the supporters who are the NIMBYs.
@ David Charlton here is a "real response" from someone who actually knows what they are talking about, John Woolcock, the Inspector at the Cheverton Down public inquiry, who said that the 3 proposed wind turbines were:
"large utilitarian structures that would be fundamentally at odds with the natural beauty of the AONB".
Is that "Real" enough for

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by Terry Dalley

27th April 2012, at 06:39:36

What ever you think one way or the other you are going to get these things ,we heard the same about Electric Pylons no doubt ,and the shouting goes on about the Phone masts .But these things are all part of progress ,as for the country side being spoilt if we took to much notice of you we would still be in caves.

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by Mike Gable

26th April 2012, at 22:02:00

Ha ha, most people in favor of Wind Turbines! I was an attendee at the recent local meeting to discuss the latest Wind Turbine proposal for Thorley. From this meeting EVERY local person and the whole parish council were 110% AGAINST the proposal for many reasons, not just noise. I would be very surprised if any of the alleged people who were in favor lived within five miles of the proposed site, I would love to see the demographic for these people, and how they are related to the scheme.
At this point I would like to say that I am in favor of alternative energy production that will lead us away from burning fossil fuels, including Solar farms, tidal power or 'offshore' wind farms etc., sooner or later it has to happen. In the mean time the only viable temporary solution is going to be nuclear energy.
On this island we are so very lucky to be living in an area blessed with a variety of some of the best unspoilt and beautiful countryside in the country with many 'areas of outstanding

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by David Charlton

26th April 2012, at 21:47:56

Ha ha very funny. Obviously no real response though. Have you ever been to a real wind farm??

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by John Lovell

26th April 2012, at 20:36:29

..........or electricity.

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by John Lovell

26th April 2012, at 20:30:40

On this one I have to agree with David Charlton. They don't make much noise, because most of the time they are not working, so they produce very little noise most of the time.

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