Wind farm plans on show

By David Newble

Friday, March 2, 2012


PLANS to site a giant wind farm off the west coast of the Isle of Wight are to be put under the microscope at the Riverside Centre today (Saturday).

A public exhibition is being staged by Eneco, the energy company behind the £2bn scheme to build the Navitus Bay Wind Park.

The exhibition takes place at the centre in Newport between 10am and 4pm.



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by Roy Scott

4th March 2012, at 19:55:24

I am so confused about wind and I simply don't know if it will save the world - as a loving grandparent I have to trust the boffins. But I live in Noke Common, where the prison intends to erect 2 huge (125 metre) turbines that will blight my life as I live less than 400 metres from them. They will tower over my peaceful home and make noise all day and night. The prison say I am worrying without need and that the forest will not suffer and neither will I. Who wants to buy my house? Please object to the prison turbines. Planning application coming soon. A proud NIMBY - and so would you be if you live where I live.

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by Don Prescott

4th March 2012, at 11:58:22

Offshore wind is certainly the lesser of two evils, but that does not make it either efficient or practical.
What I will never understand is the zealots (many of whom are unemployed) who in the main have nothing to gain except for having to pay huge energy bills, but who still campaign on behalf of the multi-millionaires and offshore bankers who are the only people to benefit from these wind farm scams.
They say " I would have a wind turbine in my back yard", knowing full well that it would never happen because their neighbours would slaughter them with objections.
They repeat the same mantra - the wind is free, etc. etc, yet are unable to comprehend that they are being conned by national governments who see "Green" issues as a covert tax raising mechanism and vested interest groups, whose jobs or products depend on promoting misinformation and even downright lies.
The most despicable thing is the way children as young as 5 are being indoctrinated into believing

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by David Shoulder

4th March 2012, at 11:13:07

The Island's natural beauty is its greatest asset. It is being spoiled by crazy levels of housing development with no prospect of a matching job creation. We are creating a ghetto - not a holiday isle (which is clearly the only serious option the island has for economic stability.)

Individual wind turbines do not offer sufficient benefit to justify the blot on the horizon they create. Yes to large scale offshore wind farms. That does make more sense.

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by Mike Crowe

3rd March 2012, at 18:41:24

In reply to Michael Watson, I don't just hang my head in shame at windfarms, I yell from the next hill, the one which is obstructing my view by the ghastly thngs, on how diabolical the things are and how uncaring the 'Tree Huggers' are on what a beautiful area we have.

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by Michael Watson

3rd March 2012, at 16:41:24

Why the big downer on wind farms? We know that the wind isn't, as predictable as tidal energy but I can tell you this, despite the proliferation of ghastly roof mounted solar panels,be they for water heating or electric generation, that even on the sunniest of days we would get a maximum of 10 useful hours of sunshine and then probably for about one third of the year. Without going into finer mathematical analysis ,roof panels are redundant for approximately about 65% of the time. You may argue that at least they are not visible at night and are therefore only visible when useful which in some ways helps cancel out some of their negative points. The same goes for wind energy. We won't see the turbines at night. As for the much reported exploration for oil along one of the most beautiful stretches of untouched coastline in the country, if not the whole of Europe,where is the public outcry on this? The people of the Island ought to hang their heads in shame if they reject wind power o

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by Colin Russell

3rd March 2012, at 13:58:42

Will the power that come frome the wind farm be used for island homes? How much tax payers money will go to ENECO.? And how much tax payers money will go to ENECO for each turbine that is not turning ie, no wind? And how much will this tory council be making out of it all.? it just stinks

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by Clive Boorman

3rd March 2012, at 09:17:48

The Baltic countries have long been great exponents of wind power, which is hardly surprising considering, like it's more southern counter-part, it is nearly a mediteranean sea and so has minimal tidal movement.
If, however, the rest of the world is to reduce it's fossil based power requirements it needs the very best use of our natural resources and building an unsightly wind farm in a strong, consistant and regular 20 hour tidal way smacks of nothing more than political pandering to the new big business mantra 'it's eco-friendly'.
That is not enough, efficient and best use should also be high on the list as should environmental and social impact, simply 'eco-friendly' should not be a legitimate excuse to build on any available marine or land based space, especially by non-resident compaies, and blighting peoples quality of life.
After all, what impact would that have on Mr. Camerons 'Big Society' and 'Happiness index'

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by Mike Crowe

3rd March 2012, at 08:36:48

At what stage, i.e. when 'how many of these carbunkles on the landsape have been shoved on our beautiful Island', will we lose our Area Of Outstanding Beauty status be removed from us?

Wind Farms. Pennyfeathers. Plessey's developement, new Supermarkets. Soon be all roof, road and unsightly monsters. How will the Island then be sold to the tourist? Or will ALL hotels be pulled down and blocks of flats erected in their place?

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by David Ramsbotham

3rd March 2012, at 07:39:48

Marine energy could be the answer - tides are predictable - wind is not.

Are you disillusioned by rising electricity prices, over dependence on the "green" dream [especially uneconomical and inefficient wind farms] then please register your objection to the Government on

or by GOOGLING "E-PETITION 22958" and following the link.

Any views or opinions presented in the comments above are solely those of the author and do not represent those of the Isle of Wight County Press.

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